• We're working on 2 new guitar courses.
    One of those is gonna be an "on line video course" and the second is a book instead.
    More news about that coming after Christmas.
    We started all the bass & guitar lessons, we still have some spots available for students (beginner, intermediate, advanced).
    Soon news about the drums courses.
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GUITAR LESSONS: Acoustic, Electric, Classic guitar

- beginner
- medium level
- advanced level

- coordination left hand / right hand
- chords and rhythm
- major scales, chromatic scales, pentatonic scales
- song studies and practicings (easy level)
- blues studies
- theory and harmony (beginner level)

Medium level
- techniques (alternate picking, sweep picking, tapping, legato etc..)
- rhythm & song studies
- chromatic, major, pentatonic, blues scales
- blues compositions and improvisation
- improvisation 251, 1625 etc…
- theory, harmony and reading

Advanced level
- advanced guitar tecniques
- licks (Gambale, Don Mock & others)
- Improvisation (251-1625- blues – jazz standards)
- rhythm and timing (to prepare for recording and live sessions)
- minor harmonic, diminished, melodic minor, jazz scales, arpeggios etc..
- advanced technique songs.


What’s the difference between a “common” music School and Our guitar course?

The best target in the life of a musician (for hobby or work) is to make his own music and produce his own cd. Many school of music just teach to the students how to play an instrument and how to develop the technique, but if you are good just at that and you cannot write a song you are a “simple” good guitar player. If you want to be a “Musician” you need to develop your songwriting Skills and to write your songs, and above all it’s the most funny and wonderful thing in music...

That is the DIFFERENCE: You will write and record your music or other famous songs with your personal arrangements under my guide. You will be able to MAKE YOUR OWN CD!!!

During the recording and composition lessons we will:
- arrange together a song or build a song from an idea that the student has
- arrange a song of another artist in the style of the student (example: a country version of a Metallica's song)
- record the guitar using my equipment (amps, PC, audio intercard, mixer, speakers etc...)
- program the Drums Samples, keyboard samples, Vocals (if the student also sings for example...)

We mix and master the cd.

For example: you are a beginner or you start now with the guitar lessons, you have 5 lessons of guitar, 5 lessons on the song and 5 lessons on the recording, after that we go on with the regular guitar lessons.

If after the recording sessions the student is planning to make some other songs and to record them, we can have periodical recording laboratories every couple of months, every 3 months, etc..
Like this after 6 months or 1 year you have your complete cd!


15 lessons: 5 regular guitar lessons/technique + rhythm + 8 guitar lessons focused on rock songs (we play and practice songs of all the rock/metal bands around, AC/DC, Metallica, In Flames, Iron Maiden, Megadeth etc...) + 2 hours recording some of this music learned during the course.


Example of subjects:
- knowledge of the fretboard, chromatic scales exercises (technique)
- hammer-on pull-off / legato technique
- arpeggios / triads
- major Scales / pentatonic scales
- modal scales in the improvisation
- harmonic analysis, playing along the standards and modern rock tracks.


The drums course starts in February 2015

Beginner Course:
- Learn how to play
- Simple grooves
- Gripping/Holding Techniques
- Rythmics
- Play togheter with songs
- Music sheet learning

Further or higher Levels:
- Advanced Rythmics
- Odd groupings and advanced
- Arms and legs Techniques
- different music styles
- Finding you own voice
- Solo playing. (what is a good solo?)