• We're working on 2 new guitar courses.
    One of those is gonna be an "on line video course" and the second is a book instead.
    More news about that coming after Christmas.
    We started all the bass & guitar lessons, we still have some spots available for students (beginner, intermediate, advanced).
    Soon news about the drums courses.
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Video Games Music





Symphonic Rock Sample





EDM Sample





Igor Dunderovich: one more step





Demetrio Scopelliti - Yoga, meditation & relaxation





AMP TEST (by Demetrio Scopelliti): KEMPER VS TUBES AMP





POLYVALENCIS - As I Perceive (by SkienGitarskoleLydStudio)





Bridgeville - Absinthia





These are three other samples of "studio albums" that we produced and co-produced in the past (recording, mix and mastering).
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Sample No. 1


Sample No. 2


Sample No. 3
Framferd Galgerytter